Canvas Kolkata: Theme Pooja 2014 glimpses

So, the Pujas are finally over and the days when This "Canvas Kolkata" is painted in varied hues is due next year. Amidst fervent Pandal Hopping I gave my dear blogging a miss and missed my Blogger friends a lot. So, here is the compensation. Puja Parikrama 2014 
Salt lake AE Block: the "Vahan" Saga

Salt Lake AE Block
Salt Lake AE Block:The idol

Surprise Surprise! That is what I call this Salt Lake AE Block Puja,this Puja is not in to "The Who's Who" of the Pujas but it's theme, the execution took the brownie points away from me. The Pandal was dedicated to the "Dev Vahans". The humble Mouse of Ganesha. The all knowing Owl of Lakshmi. The Pride Peacock of Lord Kartick. The Wise and Beautiful Swan of Saraswati. The Brave Lion Of Maa Durga. Made out of waste materials, it sure was eco-friendly. They chose to be modestly thematic with the idol which I liked.

Dum Dum Park Yubak Brinda: Theme Morning Calm
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Dumdum Park Yubak Brinda came out with the Morning Calm Theme. The Ambience and the environment really induced calm in me. Coincidence I went there around 5 am in the morning. To accentuate they had fake Lotuses and "Shiuli" Flowers strewn all around, which looked real until observed minutely. 
Dumdum Park Tarun Sangha had Rajasthan, well a part of Rajasthan woven. Look out for The Mahisasura in Green and yellow!

Dumdum Park Bharat Chakra had this beautiful interplay of blue lights, you just feel you reached the other dimension. My time of visit 4 am

Hatibagan Sarbojonin had The Ramayan etched beautifully with hand fans of different kinds. I loved the Durga Idol the most and more so it had its entry at the back door. So, you start from the Goddess and end up meeting The Ravana and look back to see Hanuman 

Taking of Opulence and Splendour in Theme Poojas Tridhara Samilani never fails to dissappoint. This year it was all red and fiery with some Buddhist demon in their head for a theme. My time of Visit 1 pm

Deshapriya Park Got in with Kalighat art this year. My Photography took a toll here due to incessant rains and pandal restrictions.

Lake Town Adhibashi Brinda Ramayan on the Birch of a tree. Simply Innovative but then found something missing if compared to the earlier years.

Lake Town Natun Pally Pradip Sangha: Straight out of Africa.

Lake Town Basak Bagan, Ravan and lights. The whole Pandal was made out of "Diyas" of all kinds

Look at the elephant which is the Sanctum for the Mother is all made of Diyas.

Tala Park Friend's Union was Musical all the way. predominantly made out of Plant and a bit of artificial fibre. My time of visit 3 am.

Kumartuli Sarbojonin had every young Doctor, Engineer, MBA nodding in agreement. The theme, well the eternal pressure to excel in academics which your parents or family choose for you

Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha. It was 4:30 am when I reached here somewhat reluctantly. And boy some interplay of light and measurements! Look at this orb it is aligned in such a way so that the light beam at the far opposite end focuses on Mother's Third eye. So much so for five days.

Hindustan Park. All Shakt and All Tantrick need I say more?

Theme Poojas are the recent Pooja Culture. Every year new and innovative concept come up with set designs never seen. My Photographs captured just one-tenth of it.

Shubho Bijoya!!


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