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Canvas Kolkata and Beyond: Bishnupur

Bored in the city? nowhere to go? Digha is a second home as you have been there innumerable times, the city lights are deluding you? 

Been in the city for the first time want to see and brag about friends about something they don't know about the state?

In both the cases here is your saviour, here is your option: Bishnupur, situated 150 km. off Kolkata in the Bankura District the small town of Bishnupur has for you a modestly good offering of terracotta temples and all those die hard Temple means Khajuraho fans yes it is not as spectacular as Khajuraho but it's sure worth a watch.
 Transportation: What started as a statement "I am so bored we don't even go anywhere" from my end while having morning tea at 9:00 am one lazy Saturday morning landed us (me and my husband) in the Esplanade Bus Stop Of Kolkata scouting for buses, statutory warning the government buses leave early in the morning but then we got a private local bus leaving at 11:50 am the tickets were charged rs. 90 per head, this was supposed to be a cattle class bus that many sophisticated people might frown upon but had a fair amount of students, families traveling. it was nice seeing the people  from all the strata of the society mingling together, all were having a good time, students going to their homes, families for a vacation, the farmers and the artisans were happy that their goods got the price they hoped for and I, well, I was just happy traveling. The bus started well picking people all the way and creating a good crowded affair of it, it almost stopped everywhere people showed their hands, it took a route via Dankuni-Arambagh-Jairambati-Kamarpukur route. We reached at around 5:30 to 6 pm in the evening and guess by that time the town had nothing to offer us so we camped for the night in a near by lodge beside the Bus Stand, The lodge was named Meghmallar, and a room cost us Rs. 250 and now do not expect it to a very grand accommodation it was just enough to spend the night somehow, statutory warning: people with OCD need not stay there as you might land up in a coma but people like me who love to be on the move have stayed in hostels and lodges love street food more than five star restaurant food its cheap and reasonable.
 We woke up at 6:00 am sharp next morning, it was still winters (January end) we went for a walk, the town is nice it has a sense of calm to it, people are laid back and I remembered my childhood in a town of Chattisgarh. We came back and checked out of the lodge sharp at eight o'clock. We had a small backpack as a luggage so, it wasn't a botherance. We hired a Cycle Rickshaw which charged us rs. 250 for three hours. The town is small and it is the best way to travel as the rickshaw drivers double up as a local tourist guide.
The temples are all terracotta, with fine craftsmanship on their walls, the panels depict tales from The Ramayana, The Mahabharata and folklore.the upper panels depict this stories whereas the panels at the base generally have animal figurines.

 The Terracotta Temples originally had beautiful white coatings made of burnt white clay which was polished but time and lack of maintenance has eroded that.

 Shyamrai Temple or Pancha Ratna Temple of Shyam Rai - Built in 1643 by King Raghunath Singha. The walls are richly decorated with terracotta carvings featuring aspects of Lord Krishna’s life. It is one of the largest temples.
  • Radhalalji

Jorbangla Temple of Keshta Rai - Built by King Raghunath Singha Dev II in the 17th century. The ornate terracotta carvings are set off by the roof in the classic chala style of Bengal architecture.

  • Madanmohan Temple- King Durjana Singh Deva built the temple in 1694 AD in the ekaratna style, a square flat-roofed building with carved cornices, surmounted by a pinnacle. Impressive carvings on the walls depict scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas. 

Rasmancha - Oldest brick structure. Built in 1587 by Bir Hambir is a pyramidal structure in the centre of the town, where the deities from the other temples are brought in a procession on the occasion of the Rasa Festival. There are some cannons of the Malla kings in the area. 

The temples are ticketed, group tickets are available at Rash Mancha, so, its better to start from there.

Pathar darja
Pathar Darja
 The entire trip took us three and half hours to four hours and we boarded a bus from Bishnupur Bus Stand To Kolkata which dropped us in Kolkata at about 5:30 PM tickets were Rs. 70 per head as it was a government bus.

The Other Places which are not in the photographs:
  • Nandalal Temple
  • Radhamadhab Temple
  • Kalachand Temple
  • Radhagovinda Temple
  • Sarbamangala
  • Krishna-Balaram Temple
  • Mrinmoyee Temple 
  • Malleswar
  • Sanreswar
  • Radhalaljiu Temple
  • Madangopal Temple
  • Chhinnamasta Temple
  • Jugol Kishore Temple
  • Mahapravu Temple
  • Radhashyam Temple
  • Lalbandh
  • Gumgarh - the place of no return.
  • Pathar Darja (Main Gateway of Bishnupur)
  • Garh Darja (Small Gateway of Bishnupur)
  • Stone Chariot
  • Nutan Mahal
  • The memorial of Shreenibas Acharya
  •  The Temple Of Durga
  • The Temple of Chinna Masta.

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In the Midst of all Chapter4 Part : one Dreams of Past

"The parrot green saree" thought Vaidehi with a sigh, her B.Ed project was lying on the bed, "This is the last time I am going through all this, I can't do this any further. I will be a celibate for my whole life, it's a better option than this." two years of continuous visits from the prospect match for a husband does that you. Vaidehi had not slept for the entire night she was up and preparing the B.Ed assignment which was lying on the bed, she had gone for the submission today morning only to find the college locked down indefinitely due to a student's union strike, she was disappointed and to add to the further turmoils in a day her mother announced that "the engineer" was coming... the year was 1980 not many were engineers and those who were.... well they were out of reach because of the high dowry they demanded "I don't know what the fuss is all about I am a double graduate myself." Thought Vaidehi as she picked up the kohl but left it. " let it be the way it is, no pretenses today" but then those dark deep calm big eyes didn't need any embellishment, she was bronze complexioned, had long slender arms and long beautiful fingers, the saree wrapped around her casually but elegantly around her slender frame defined her internal calm, the tranquility of her soul. She tied her hair into a loose braid and tied the ends as her hair would free themselves of any shackles and would come to their natural state of a dark bewitching entity, which had enough mystery and enigma to bring her calm soul into a equilibrium where calm and turbulence meet, fall in love and coexist. "Vaidehi! They have come!" announced her sister-in-law with genuine excitement, she loved Vaidehi like her own sister and had clear direction in her mind about her studies, marriage, children, family and she was seeing her dream for her achieving fruition and for Vaidehi living others dream has been the norm, no she didn't mind, no, she didn't enjoy nor did she sulk for her it was a duty she was meant to perform, so, she did it, tying her hair, tying her turbulence.

As she entered the room her eyes fell on a young man of twenty eight or twenty nine, the first thing she noticed were his deep set eyes, intense, ever searching, ever questioning, ever rebelling, they spoke on behalf of his soul which had a child-like inquisitiveness to it, he was fair much fairer than her, of medium built, her heart sank a bit as his mother and her brother started discussing, she was feeling I'll at ease as her calm was challenged for the first time not knowing that the nervous guy who had his eyes stuck to the floor was fighting a battle of his own as if his fire had finally met with a deep river and he couldn't decide whether this river will douse his fire and leave him all ashes or will quench his thirst for that peace that he can only dream for, he smiled and thought in both ways he has found his destiny, his nemesis, the keeper of his calm and now getting lost in this whirlpool of calm was the only thing he desired. As they both sat quietly losing their own battles, happily the prospect date of their union was fixed

To be continued........

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Chapter 3 Part: 2

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The crazy thing Marriage is

Marriages!!!! a big deal, a colossal affair!!!! A pandemonium, an utter chaos of sorts!!!! The most important day in the girl's life, she has to look her best in her entire life! This day you crossover, you begin a new life. Yes, your marriage day is important but how important! Is it so important that you spend beyond your means to make the day grand? The most expensive sarees, the most famous make up artist, hours in the beauty parlour, spa, shopping till you drop; will all this guarantee a happy married life? May be no. Marriage Day is so overrated that we stop thinking about the days that lie ahead of us all preparations focus on the "Marriage and The Honeymoon" and no thought is given after that, we get deluded that our entire life will be "a honeymoon" and then we get a real shocker...... Oops! this is not the person I fell in love with! Before marriage if you are not living in together you see each other for a few hours in a day or even weeks and in some cases months, talk over on the phone buy gifts and try to be at your best, I will share an incident on my first night I was kicked out of my bed by my husband in his sleep, he had mistaken me for "Debashish", his second cousin with whom he shared his bed before marriage, well I woke him up and cleared his confusion That I am Datta and not Debashish and his first reaction "OMG! what are you doing here!What if our parents know!How did you get in!" and the second moment he realized that we are married and laughed our hearts out.

Marriage is actually not a day's affair but it's an evolution, a culmination, an effort of many years. It's living and loving together, it's not falling in love but staying in love. "Happily Ever After" is not a fairy tell, it's a hard reality and we have to fight for it everyday to keep it alive.

Marriage Day is just the start not even the complete tip of the iceberg, it's not a grand show it's the beginning of a journey amongst smaller things of life. You get married in a shabby saree it doesn't matter unless your effort, combined effort to build a relationship, a family together is beautifully ordained.

I didn't look the best in my marriage day people said that and now three years after that day people say I look wonderful even in the simplest of all attire. Come to think of  it my marriage is going well, the reason I look better than my marriage day everyday because I am happy, he gives me bliss, I feel peace in his company, My life with it's hopes aspirations and frustrations is the same but now the pain is easier to bear and happiness is a real bliss to share with him and now that I look back, my so called economical, lack lustre marriage does not matter because I see me putting efforts in a relationship in building a family, I see him putting his efforts int the same direction as my effort.

Doubts? yes, there are times when I am in doubt, there are times I fall out of love and feel that this relationship is just for namesake I live in this numbness, in this state of no being in love for many months but I never give up on the hope that I will again fall in love with him and I do fall in love with him.

No, he is not rich, he is less qualified and less in intellect than me, he is just average and we both have to work hard to maintain an average middle class living but it feels good when he walks with me to save that ten rupees. People say that I could have got a better qualified person, a better husband and truly sometimes I succumb to the feeling but then again I clear my doubts as I know I won't get a man who could have loved me, understand me more.

In this road we have committed mistakes but then we come back to each other and confess. Truth is the essence, trust is the soul of a relationship and a grand marriage doesn't guarantee that a grand patience is needed to actually share your life with some one else, see the best and worst of a person in a same day. To buy grocery, to fix the tap, to iron the clothes, to buy that much needed shelf, to get the creaking door fixed.....eats up on your valentine's day gift, your books, that dress, those romantic dates. To understand each others family, to consider them your own needs patience and sometimes feeds like a parasite on your love for each other. Still you hold on and respect each other and accept a person with all the flaws and then one day after many years you realize that finally you have crossovered....finally your marriage ceremony is complete....but is it really?

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For You Maa

In how many ways can a human be saved? How many times can you be given birth to? innumerable.....and every time when I thought I am standing all alone ready to perish you came there, calmly and as usual saved me, you gave me life every time  I died and the saddest part I never realized. The whole of my life I kept quiet and thought no one noticed me, no one even acknowledged what I did but I failed to understand that I am silent because i am a part of your soul, I am so much like you yet I never understood you. I blamed you, fought with you made you cry but I never realized that when you were standing against me (as I perceived) you were actually fighting for me, you were actually trying to be my shield......I am sorry but I don't need to say "sorry" because I am your shadow, your blood and I know you know and love me for what I am.


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Canvas Kolkata- Victoria Memorial

Sneak Peak

Prayers from a Tree

The lone Black Fairy

A different angle for the angel

The Sky and The Giant

Amongst Nature

All Bloomed, All Set

Victoria Memorial Romancing The Lake

The City Sky From The Victoria Memorial Gardens

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In the Midst of All Chapter Three Part Two, stay

When Devyani came out from the bath, Mrinal was awake, still lying in the bed, "You are looking fresh and beautiful. Sorry, I kept you up all night, talking what not, I didn't realize when I fell asleep, you must be thinking, 'what is this guy, how can he sleep around with random women and am I just one on the list'. I wonder while thinking all this you could actually sleep."

"Don't over think and over estimate yourself, there are many reasons for me, other than you to keep me up all night" Devyani smiled while rubbing her  hair with the towel, "And since you have got up early let's go out and fetch some breakfast as I am starving, you can come back after that and take a bath and all."

"All right let me brush and freshen up a bit while you carry on with your grooming though I would love to see the magic potion used on that but then never mind."

"There is no magic in this world."
"Well you are magical, so, are you out of this world?"
"Whoa! From where does all these nonsense comes from Mr. Mrinal Saxena?" Devyani said with a sarcasm filled smile.

"You are a bong aren't you supposed to be a bit sweeter?"

"Bitter sweet that's me. Now hurry up, I am famished."

"Just stop falling in love with her by every passing second. She is not even properly attracted towards you." Mrinal said to the mirror while brushing his teeth. Ten minutes later they were having tea and bread by the roadside that's all they could manage in the half woken winter sky of Delhi.

The entire day they roamed seeing places, Qutub Minar, Lodhi Gardens and so on and Devyani went on blabbering about the history of the place. "Let's catch a metro and catch a movie, shall we?" Mrinal managed to speak amongst the encyclopedic attack.

"Yes, sure why not. So, sorry I become a preacher sometimes."

At the metro station Mrinal boasted about the Delhi Metro infrastructure and Devyani listened intently.
"Kolkata has metro since 1984." Devyani finally spoke.
"Hey you don't even live there."
"Yes,I kind of wish to."
"Home sick?"
"No, just felt I should say that."
"Virudh" the movie that was playing, they bought two tickets, the hall was sparsely filled, they settled down, the movie was about a father fighting for the sake of his posthumous son's justice.Devyani always found family relations her weakness, she was absorbed in the movie when Mrinal held Devyani's hand softly and when Devyani looked towards Mrinal,startled he was looking at the screen contended,no,  he was not watching the movie.
Devyani was silent all the way they reached at their room after dinner and lied silently side by side. They laid awake for an hour and then suddenly Mrinal turned to his side traced his finger from Devyani's earlobe to her lower jaw bone to her chin lifted her chin and softly kissed her on the lips and then her forehead. "Stay." just one word he spoke and laid there wrapping his hands around her and inhaling in the air through her hair. Devyani laid awake, her mind reverting to the chasm of her heart.

The phone rang Devyani got up with a start. It was her Dad calling. She took the phone got up from the bed and cleared her throat and received the call."Yes, Babai  Good Morning"
"Good Morning! How is my princess today. Mom is missing you come on in."
"Sure Babai, I will be there within noon." she said hanging up and jumping into the shower she smiled thinking of her Dad it was he who was missing her and her Mom was too composed to express her feelings this openly. She got ready packed her bags and woke up Mrinal
"Yes, I know breakfast your only proper meal of the day." said Mrinal rubbing his eyes.
"No, I will grab something at the station. I am off to Gwalior, she said gesturing a flight with her hand.
"But I thought you are staying today." said Mrinal a bit shocked.
"Yes, I am sorry Dad called he wants me to be at home today."
"Is everything all right?"
"Yes, absolutely, bye, ciya."
" Hey wait I am coming."Mrinal rushed in the washroom and came out all ready in five minutes later and saw Devyani waiting. They went to the station bought a ticket and boarded the train.

"I wished you could have stayed."said Mrinal finally words left him today for no reason he could fathom.
"I never stay."

The train moved and left the station leaving Mrinal a bit vacant a bit incomplete but then it will be all right as it always is....

To be continued.......

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Chapter Three Part One

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In the Midst of All Chapter-three, Part- One, The Proposal

"If x/y=1,  then x=y, here you go, simple now half of the cold drink is mine." said Devyani calmly with a wicked twinkle in her eyes, she was ever ready for a quick competition.

"Not fair, it was so simple and it didn't come to my mind but do I get a drop of the cold drink at least, we are a team." said Arghya earnestly and with real innocence.
"The importance of being earnest....all right you can have some." Devyani moved out of the room to declare her small victory to her cousins, their brother-in-law and cousin (sister) had come for the first time after marriage and had set a small competition of ten questions and this was the last in the series. When she came back in the room the lights went off, it was an usual load shedding. "Oh God!"

"Aren't you afraid of the dark?" asked Arghya curiously.
"No, it's real world and not a Hindi Movie scene, Let me grab a lamp....wait." Devyani came back with a lamp and sat facing Arghya, she suddenly realized she was alone in the entire floor with him, it had happened before on various occasions, they knew each other from the childhood and they were habituated to each others company, they usually met on occasions when Devyani's family visited their native place, but this time she felt a bit uncomfortable, her heart skipped a beat and she stared hard at the dark window to ward off the feeling. She  kept on staring while Arghya kept blabbering about his recent breakup.
 "I thought you had broken up last April"
"No, she dumped me two days back."
 "God! love affairs! why go for it! there areother things in world, how can you manage time after studies, sports and other activities."
 "Typical NERD."
"Typical Fool."

They remained silent feigning anger, and suddenly the lights grew dim, Devyani looked it was Arghya who dimmed the lamp,she was about to ask him the reason but he put his fingers on her lips, a chill ran down her spine, this was not her friend, his eyes were speaking a thousand words to her, these eyes wanted her, these eyes wanted to know her,to search her soul, to get into the deep recess of her heart, to tear away the mask she wore, to see her soul naked, she felt scared, scared of being known by someone for real, scared for her feelings, her secret love to get exposed, she felt vulnerable and she never felt like this before, she was perfect, a perfect daughter, a perfect student, a perfect young blood, full of energy, ambition, plans and no place for this stupid emotions and now her defenses around  this perfect fortress were surrendering without even fighting, suddenly she lost the clarity of who she was. Arghya took her hand her kissed her palm softly, she should withdraw but she didn't she sat still, frozen. he kissed her wrists and went on kissing till her elbow, he stopped to pull her near and kissed her forearm to reach her shoulder, he gently sniffed her collar bone and reached her neck kissed it gently till her chin her head tilted back and she was in a trance, the world didn't matter anymore, she didn't matter anymore, she opened her barriers, she had this sinking feeling after getting off the pool with Arghya, earlier the day but now it was gone, she felt at ease as if she had always knew that this would happen.

"Shit, I am so sorry, God! what I have done!" Arghya suddenly released her and she was still in a trance, she couldn't actually get what he was saying.

"Let me check where aunt is, she had told me to get some things to the second floor." Devyani said calmly, she came back to the normal and now her ego who taught her to be emotionless spoke.

She left, leaving Arghya, guilty, confused........

"Look I am sorry, I know I have done a horrible horrible thing, I beg of you please forgive me." Arghya pleaded teary eyed, he was pleading for the last half an hour but Devyani was stone quiet.

"Why did you do it? Devyani spoke calmly.
"Look I am sorry."
"Why did you do it?" this time the question became firmer
"Because I love you." Said Arghya

Her head spun a bit, she couldn't believe what she had heard just now, the whole of her conscious life she had somewhere, deep in her heart, unknown to herself too wished for this and it came to her, had it been any other teenager she could have jumped for hours out of joy.

"Seems like you fall in love and fall out of it real fast, it's a phase, let it settle down, this feeling will fade automatically." she put her hand on the shoulder, smiled and stood up to leave.

"Maybe you are right." said Arghya scratching his head and smiling.

"Typical Fool, didn't even realize that I have always loved you silly, for me it will never fade....completely." thought Devyani and shrugged her head.

The alarm clock ringed, Devyani stopped it, lest Mrinal might wake up, it was 6 o'clock in the morning, she hadn't slept the entire night, she removed Mrinal's hand off him and went for a bath.

To be continued.....

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Chapter 2 Part III

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In The Midst of All, Chapter 2 Part Three, Friend?

They reached Delhi, It was 5 o'clock in the evening it was Friday and they would spend the Saturday and the Sunday in the city but first they needed an accommodation, Mrinal had his graduation from Delhi so, he knew the city so, they caught an auto and lodged in a guest house near  Hazrat Nizamuddin Station, it was a decent place, economical. They checked in put in their luggage had their bath and went out to eat as they were starving, they had some street food and then they roamed around like vagabonds, eating random snacks laying on the grass near India Gate. Mrinal was having a nice time, now, this was a girl who was laid back and really cool, she was fun, she loved street food, she loved roaming around doing nothing, his previous flings were all too classy, suave restaurants, classy candle light dinner and dance, expensive gifts,regular utterance of "I love you"  and what not just for a one night stand but she was different, you could just hang out with this girl no obligations, no, pretences, no odd questions, she was too real to be believed. She had this child like innocence and the prudence of an eighty year old and slowly the thought of sleeping with her had taken a back seat, he no longer cared, he just didn't want to ruin the scope of a budding relationship at any cost, he wanted a relation, friendship, love whatever it didn't matter but he wanted her to stay.

They reached their room, tired, after dinner, Devyani settled down at the sofa, tired bur contended, they ordered tea and gossiped non sense over it, Mrinal was not drunk but he was somehow high. Devyani was calm and composed.
"What a day! Now tomorrow we will visit "Qutub Minar", Lodhi Gardens".......Devyani fished out a map of Delhi and started framing a tour plan for the next day her face was animated and she went on explaining the whole plan with her hands moving continuously but Mrinal was not listening, he was just watching her lips move, her hands dance, her neck peaking from that jacket of hers, suddenly he couldn't hold the urge "fuck the rules of never making a move first." he thought and grabbed both her hands with his hands and kissed her lips, her lips were closed and he had to struggle to let his tongue in her warm beautiful mouth, no, she didn't moan. He released her hand and hugged her reaching all the way to her hair and slowly placing her hand in that seep dark abyss, he pulled her hair and that made her head move back exposing her neck he kissed it softly and all the while Devyani's hands were where he had left them, she didn't hug back, so, she wasn't shocked, she had expected this to happen.
"You won't give up easily" Mrinal said while lifting her in his lap and moving towards bed.
He undressed himself and her to and she laid still.
"You are beautiful" said Mrinal as he cupped her breasts and kissed them her skin goose bumped but she remained silent with her head tilted to her left, he kissed along the rib cage just below her breast "That is where the essence of your beauty lies" and he placed his nose to inhale her aroma and it gave him the kick he needed, he slowly kissed down to reach her abdomen and sucked in slowly, he placed his hand on her thighs and felt it all through "Shit, you are soft." He slowly tried to part her thighs bur couldn't "Don't." the only word Devyani spoke for the last half an hour. "Thank God! you finally spoke so, how can I ignore it. Let's not go any further but lie with me for the night, I will feel good." "All right" Devyani said as a matter of fact.

They lied their skin to skin whole night and Mrinal spoke about his flings, his college days, his first love, first heart break and everything he wanted to tell but couldn't tell before to anyone, Devyani listened intently as a true friend should with a smile, no, questions, no, judgments, She laid their, listening while her soul shed a tear or two....

To be Continued.....

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Chapter 2, Part Two.

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In the Midst of All Chapter Two Part One The Dress Rehearsal

"I am so much in love with you that I have grown numb to all the senses of emotions around me. I have with me now, a single strain of thought and some fragments of memory which always mingle into my dreams and now, when I stand here, thinking, my dreams and memories are all mixed up in some lethal concotion, which I consume to survive everyday and to die a little every day. I never wanted you to be near me as I always knew that you are synonymus to my doom but then I couldn't stop myself and I got seduced by myself to fall into this trap, the hoax of a relationship, I had with you and still so, stupidly continue to have with you  while you have broken free of the shackles that binds me still now and I make sure it grips me tightly and asphixiates me by tightening all the loose knots and thus ensuring that my escape is unthinkable and my freedom is unacceptable. It gives me a high to suffocate my soul and to tear down my mind, to inflict my flesh with the invisible but mortal wounds of your touch. Isearch my body to see a scar that you might have left on me but I find none and then I see my soul scared by you and feel at peace."

The phone finally rings on the other end and I hold my breath tightly clutching the receiver as if my life depended on it, I impatiently hear the ring almost choking, waiting for him to pick it up. The telephone operator is intently starring at me and he should stare, I mean, it's like this; I come here often sit and pick up the receiver, rehearse  and then either call or hang up, I was again rehearsing mumbling these lines to the 'imaginary him' whom my subconscious and unconscious has so perfectly built.

" Hello, who is this?" Comes a sharp and distinct voice from the other end, I gasp and all my confidence, all my rehearsals just vanishes in the thin year. I become the shaky one once again.

 "Hello, who is this? Can you hear me?" He says it for he second time and I can feel a sharp prick in the roots of my hair, my hand instinctively goes and I scratch my scalp mildly.

"Is Rekha there?" I blurt out finally and in a hurry.

"No, it's a wrong number." A long pause after which he speaks again, "I know you are there.... I told you it's over, I am seeing someone else now. Why don't you just be more sensible and pragmatic and just move on; why? First you plead almost falling at my feet, seduce me, climb over me all naked and now you stalk me; really how mature! Oh God! What's wrong with you! Look it's simple I made a false promise all right, people do this from time to time to suit their needs,so, what's the big deal! What's all the fuss about? Trisha, can't you understand.......damn." The phone disconnects.

I am happy that I finally heard his voice after such a long time and I felt a bit more alive but then I realize he didn't recognize my voice I smile bitterly laughing at my own triviality and who is Trisha?......Oh that girl....yes, right. I get up calmly and ask for a bill, pay ten rupees extra as usual and quietly leave. I pat my cheeks, hand groom my hair, look into the watch......I am already late by two minutes and I hurry out of the station strap my back pack properly, tear the platform ticket, throw it into the dustbin.

To be continued......

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