Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Fallen Leaf

I saw it in your eyes. When you closed them, they spoke to me a thousand times before surrendering to the darkness. There was absolution in your eyes. I saw them many a times staring at the leaves of the tree. As if your freedom lies with the every moment a leaf turns yellow and falls into the hush of silent death.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wanderlust: Dhuadhar Falls, Jabalpur

Dhuadhar falls

The thunderous applause of the calm waters
Startled the spirits and they rose happy
In silence the lovers stood
Staring at the misty water
The fluid water falls on the hard rock
A miracle and a boom deafening the senses
No chirping no light breeze sways here
The time stops by
As the river falls but then flows on
Life is hard but to proceed with elegance
Is one thing our river-soul whispers us.

Dhuadhar falls

Dhuadhar Jal Prapat read the chapter in class 3 Hindi text book. My wanderer soul skipped a beat. Little Niagara falls in India?

When I decided on Bhedaghat it was obvious that I will touch down the falls. It is 2 km from Bhedaghat gorge. 

From Amarkantak, Narmada plunges in Dhuadhar to head westward towards Bhedaghat. The auto charged INR 700 as a combo for both the places.

Dhuadhar falls

The place is about 26 km of Jabalpur. You can avail train to reach Jabalpur Railway Station. The place is well-connected from all the major cities and towns of the country.


You can avail a taxi or auto. Taxi takes INR 1500 for these two spots. The place is open for all and there is no ticketing.

The fall is not deep to look at but the thunderous noise is breathtaking. The name "Dhuadhar" indicates the mist of water created on the falls. I was amazed by the sheer volume of water. Truly,Narmada is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.

Wanderlust Bhedaghat-Jabalpur


And as Kareena Kapoor kept on dancing on the tunes of "Raat ka nasha" my eyes were fixated at the backdrop. White marble rocks, the marble on our floor on mountains. Is it for real? That was 2001 and Google was not a staple. So, I did some of the research. I saw the opening credits and Voila! it was Bhedaghat Jabalpur. The encyclopedia in my school told me. So, it was in India and in my very own Madhya Pradesh (I lived in Gwalior).