Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Up in Flames

You are my flame
and i burn for you
like a candle silently
waiting for you to devour me.

They tell it hurts
but let it be
as i am falling in love
with the destruction
you bring to my life.

You know its hopeless
to wait for you
to wish you
don't burn me down.
But let me wish while
I burn, while you feed on my soul
that you will water my wishes
and will save me from the fire-
that is you.

Your life means my death
why are we two separate ways?
I dont have an answer
nor i wish to find one.
As i am happy fading
while you shine like a star.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Have you ever thought why all the saints have to leave their wives before attaining the supreme knowledge and most of them get out when their wives are sleeping without even bidding final goodbye? why? Can't they take their wives with them. Why are wives treated as objects of sexual desire and a barrier to attainment of "Nirvana". Once the saints rises above the barrier of sexual desire then the wife is discarded as one discards some bad habit. Why? Can, t wife be a friend a companion to "Nirvana"? Aren' t marriages everlasting institutions of friendship and companionship that is meant to transcend and to go beyond the boundaries of sexual passion? Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa never left his wife but for him she was a companion, like a medium to be one with God. So why? leave a woman behind?

I dont know whether iam right or wrong but since childhood while reading about these saints I learnt to worship them but always in my mind came a question that what happened to their wives after they left forever unannounced? What would happen to me if my husband leavesme one day unannounced for the sake of attainment of higher regions? i wouldn't hate him as his purpose his divine, i would worship him for that but lets face it I would die within because in an instant I loose my friend, who is sometimes actually most of the time nurtured by like a son, who plays and teases me like a sibling, who protects me like a father and cares for me like a mother. Dear would be saints a wife bears mental tortures, rape by her husband and physical torture and she will not only bear but gladly accept this divinity in you. tell her of your intentions and you will find no other friend philosopher and guide better than her in this lonely world.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well hi , just hi, who am i? asl? figure stats? i am a person as you all are. yes neither less human nor more human. neither a piece of flesh nor a divine Goddess. i am just a human. and believe me i go to loo and go to pee. so please more public toilets please which are' nt open air. and yes i love sex but i am not a slut and ain' t sleeping with the every second guy I meet. and my private body parts are mine so don't yes please donot touch them at your own disposal. what i hate is " I want to do Frandship with you." guys well why can't they say that they want to sleep with me?

But hey am i sounding feminist? maybe but i am not. I believe men and woman are different in body and mind in the same way that no two man are the same. we are not the stereotyped "Sheila" or "Munni" (well some of us can be) but we all are not those people whose sole aim in life is to attract and seduce their opposite gender nor is to marry, getting f*cked and having kids and work till we drop (well I admit some of us have this aim too) but not all. we want nothing but to be equals in the sphere where humans can have equal potential i.e. brains (yes guys we do have brains). We don't need reservations, we are not backward we are equals. we need half the sky, half the land half the water, not more not less. well signing off for now otherwise you would say " see I told you women are such chatter boxes!!!"