Bards Of the Blogosphere:Week-2 Chapter 2 -.The Evening Before #Celebrateblogging

Please Note: This is the second chapter for week 2 in the "Game of Blogs" for the team "Bards of the Blogosphere." #CelebrateBlogging

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“…And what a day it was! Our Honourable Minister is yet to come; I guess his arrival tomorrow can spice things up.” Jenny mused to herself as she got out of the Hotel and the conference. With hands on her hip and head thrown up in exasperation, it had been a tiring day. All of a sudden she searched her pocket and took the schedule for tomorrow. “The Honourable Minister arrives, his speech, discussion…more discussion….umm….wait Cyrus Daruwala’s speech….whoa! Cy is important stuff here….umm….let’s call him up and take some idea on what’s brewing  tomorrow.” said Jenny to herself as she quickly took out her mobile and called Cyrus.

“Hello, am I speaking to Cyrus Daruwala?” she said controlling her fits of laughter and sounding serious.

“Yes, this is Cyrus. Who is this?”
“Moron you didn’t save my number?”

“Oh…Jenny…Jenifer…I am so, sorry….my mobie has a problem it doesn’t show names, it just shows numbers. I memorize numbers but since you called for the first time I didn’t notice it’s you.”

“Buy a new mobile, buddy.”

“Buying a mobile is such a pain.”

“Come out, at the Gate One of the Hotel.”


 Cyrus was lazing in his room when Jennifer called. This phone made his heart jump so fast that he thought that it might come out of his mouth. Jennifer Joseph; the name, the face which was with him for the three years in his college, starting from the day one when he saw her wearing yellow, hair all mismanaged beads all over. She was definitely not the most beautiful lady he had ever laid his eyes on but then it was something beyond appearances. She was his first crush, his last memory of his long forlorn innocence. It was for the first time that he had felt something for a girl. In all the three years he could not muster the courage to say a word to her. They were friends and he didn’t even bother to search for her after three years. He was always into career and was ambitious and passionate about his aim in life Somewhere he knew that Jennifer was also the same, after all they were so common in so many ways internally. His life moved on, he didn’t look back and Jennifer Joseph just became one out of billions in this universe; unknown to him and now after years they met and he felt the rush, the same rush he felt when he saw her years back. Over the years he fell in love with many, slept with many but then she was something else, not in his list of flings. He never remembered her but then never forgot her.

He looked into the mirror, somehow arranged his hair and put his spectacles on and rushed downstairs to meet Jennifer, standing at the Gate as she had told. No, he was not nervous anymore. It was as normal as meeting one's own self.

“Hi Jenny!” he waved his hand from some distance, still panting.

“Cy, you are panting! God! When will you change?” Jenny said smiling

“Tell me what it is?” said Cyrus coming to her.

“Nothing, let’s walk along the beach.” Jennifer had thought she would talk business but she was surprised that she said this.

As they walked side by side they started off from where they had left the last time.

“Do you know Miss. Sharma has retired?” said Cyrus.

“Oh! Finally she has! Thank God! Now students would not have to bear her enormous lectures on righteousness whenever someone was found having an affair.”

“How does that affect you? You never had a boyfriend, at least not any we knew of.”

“As if you had girls flocking around you.” Jenny giggled as she gently rammed sideways into Cyrus, making him go off balance.

“You were her pet.”

“So, were you!”

“Yes, whatever.” Cyrus said as he slowly tapped his hand on her head.

“So…..did you have any one… know a crush or something?”
“Yes, I had.”
“Really? Who?”
“You.” Cyrus said as a matter of fact looking straight into Jennifer’s eyes.
“I knew it.” Jennifer returned his gaze and smiled. “You were looking at me from far off, girls notice that you see but I must say I enjoyed that ’ the handsome nerd’, Cyrus Daruwala noticed me.” she winked and laughed a little.

“Hey! What do you mean?” said Cyrus.

“I mean, well…. you had quite a few fan following, sir.” She said bowing down to him.

“But you didn’t like me.” said Cyrus faking disappointment.

“That’s me.” Jennifer said raising her nose up and then both started laughing.

“I just want to sit under a sprinkler.” said Cyrus


“Yes, I mean it’s not raining, the sky is clear so, I want to sit under a sprinkler.”

“I am hungry.”

“The Elephant speaks.” 


“What to find here, its 12 am already.” said Cyrus. He realized they had been talking and walking for the last six hours.They just walked along the beach never stopping for once as if they were in a trance.

“Let’s go to your room and eat something!” Jennifer said and started marching towards the hotel.

“Wait! You need me to enter my room! Who will give you the keys? They need to see this face.” said Cyrus smiling and pointing at his face.

They ran towards the reception and Cyrus took the keys and then again started running.

“The one reaching last is a rotten potato.” said Cyrus running up the stairs.

Jennifer ran furiously and somehow managed to snatch the keys from Cyrus and somehow reached the room fast.

“Cyrus is a rotten potato!” She claimed her victory climbing up the bed and pointing her both hands straight at right angle from the ground towards him.

“Everything is not a competition.” Said Cyrus Stoically.

“Says the loser!” Jenny said sitting with a force on the bed.

Cyrus came near her and they sat close. There was a tension building all of a sudden in Jennifer, as if in that moment Cyrus was no longer a friend but she didn’t move. 

Cyrus slowly held Jennifer’s hand. “Sometimes it is all right to lose Jennifer.”

“Yes, but I hate to lose.”

“But from where I see you have lost it.” Cyrus whispered in her ears and Jennifer froze at Cyrus’s breath touching her neck.

“No, I have not.“ whispered Jennifer looking down.

“You have lost weight, definitely you have lost weight.” Said Cyrus earnestly

“Cyrus!” Jennifer gripped Cyrus’s neck with both the hands and Cyrus feigned asphyxiation. They grew closer and their lips almost brushed past each other, Jennifer suddenly grew conscious and smiled, feeling embarrassed, Cyrus smiled back and at that moment the dinner arrived.

Jennifer devoured her food off her plate; she didn’t mind using her hands. She was hungry and that is all that mattered but Cyrus was in a world of his own, he calmly looked at her, she was precious to him, his last memoir of his innocence and this time he didn’t want to let her go. He always knew that she was his mirror image or to put it correctly he was her mirror image. Both were passionate and did not care what the world think. He felt so much in peace when she was around but now he was feeling a tremendous storm brewing within him. It was as if he had met his twin soul, soul mate, maybe no, but he felt they were an extension of each other.

In what might be a time span of a few seconds or eternity Cyrus moved forward and held Jennifer’s face and kissed her forehead, Jennifer breathed deep and felt contented. All the time she was near Cyrus there was an unrest but now it was all gone. She knew this moment would come and was not shocked. He moved and landed a gentle kiss on her lips, he looked at her for a second or two, eyes closed, waiting in anticipation, excited and yet so contented. He again kissed her on her lips but this time went a bit deeper. The fire within him was burning at its peak as he felt her mouth with his. He softly gripped her hair from his one hand and pulled it slightly to tilt her head backwards. “The food smells good if tasted from your mouth.” They both laughed a little and then Cyrus slowly kissed her neck, while tracing her fingers to her collar bones. He paused to remove the bead necklaces off her.

 “They are heavy; wonder doesn’t your neck drop.”

“That’s why I have a vast appetite just to support their weight.”

They both giggled and Jennifer quietly brushed off the tear. Cyrus noticed this.

“Hey! I am sorry if I hurt you, please relax lie down.”

He made Jenny lie down on the bed while he quietly arranged the pillows and started to run his fingers down her hair.

“Sleep.” whispered Cyrus in Jennifer’s ear and slowly lied down facing her.

“Though I am not at all sorry for what I did but still Sorry if I hurt you.” Cyrus said gently kissing the top of her forehead.

“Don’t.” Jennifer said.

Cyrus smiled and kissed her again on her lips while embracing her in his arms. Jennifer slowly got the confidence to embrace him back.

Cyrus slid his hand in her top and caressed her back and drew her close to his body and kissed her with all the passion in him. 

He traced his fingers down her chin to her throat and then to her collar bone and kissed them gently along the same line. 

“You are beautiful.” Cyrus smiled and held her and she rested her head on his chest, all contended, all fulfilled.

The laid their talking sweet nothings to each other for the rest of the night.

They were brutally honest and laid their souls naked in front of each other. They had never in their lives confessed so many things in one go. They now knew each other soul to soul.  

They didn’t realize when the morning came and the sky cleared. 

“Good Morning.” Jenny said in a husky whisper.

“I love you.”  said Cyrus smiling.

“I know.” Said Jennifer “and also I am hungry.” said Jennifer with guilty eyes.

“I will order breakfast.” he said kissing her forehead.

Cyrus moved out of the bed and dragged himself to the intercom all the while he was parallely thinking about the task he would complete today. He met his life and that too so many years late. He wondered why was it always that he met Jenny at the wrong time? Back then, during his graduation he backed out and never expressed because he knew that she would make him lose focus and now he is on the verge of losing focus. Cyrus sighed 

"Let it be till the time comes...."

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