When Mira entered the room she could see a faint light coming from the corner of the room. It was a sickly lamp  that was flickering in a corner. She found her way in the half darkness that now ensued the room. Slumped in the bed she covered her face with her hands.She was tired to the bones and needed sleep but it some how evaded her.

Trust is a dangerous thing and it some how makes you blind. She was living in a typical settlement, she could see her family slipping out of her hands but trusted that all was well. She could see her husband ignoring her and chatting for long hours over Whatsapp and Facebook.

One such evening he left his laptop open and Mira glanced it.

"I am married but tied to my wife and live with her, in this bondage and it is love I seek. My match was arranged, I had no choice.She is a house wife but look at you a budding professional poles apart."

"Oh! I did not know it."

"Trust me you are the one I find solace in."
The message box read. Mira smiled and thought how they had met twenty years back when she was a student all of twenty. It was a crowded bus and Nirman, her husband could not stop but looking at her. She remembered how he proposed and how they will meet in the bus stand for five minutes. She remembered, how he faced the threats of her father and a slap. She remembered how he stood by her side after marriage and let her complete her research in literature. She was now an editor and a successful person and her husband did it all for her.

She smiled and looked into the mirror, yes, she was beautiful and calm. The feisty journalist replaced by a shrewd editor. Yes, there was a little crow's feet when one looked closely by the side of her eyes but Nirman said that she looked gorgeous. They were going strong and no matter what she remained the Alpha female in her life. Jealously? yes but in a corner.

Her daughter Ananya was now all of seventeen and Son Nakul was fifteen.

They now shrieked to come near her as it was not cool with a teenager to be too close with her mother.

Ananya was in bathroom and her phone beeped. Mira picked it up and read the message that popped in.

"Yesterday, was beautiful, thanks for the gift, Glad my first was you, looking forward...."

Her heart sank a little, and her first thought was about unplanned pregnancy or a prospect MMS.

"Mom! why do you have the phone in my hand....Its disgusting....why don't you vanish!!!" Ananya said dashing from the bathroom and snatching phone from her hand.

"Stay safe,protected and keep your eyes open." Mira said patting her shoulder where a small bite mark was visible.

Her fifteen year old Nakul just neglected her for computers and smartphones.

"Mom, I want...." was Nakul's favorite dialogue.

She sat there thinking, It was a week ago that she was on a office trip for a conference and the car met with an accident. She remembered the moment when she was sliding off the hill in her car. Three names; Nirman, Ananya and Nakul played in her mind.

The medics put her body in the ambulance and that was it she could not remember more. It has been like that, sleepless since the time of her accident.

As she kept on sitting, she saw Ananya standing at her door. She stood there as a stone and then with a sudden start rushed to the bed where Mira was sitting.

"Mom....I missed you....I am sorry.....I....Love you....come back please.....Dad is still and not moving after he returned from cremeating you....Nakul will not eat.....How can I do this without you.....Mom....I love you...just come back....say my name once.....I will have all my strength back.....Mom."

She sobbed and sobbed over the place....The lamp was in her memory. Mira was now a memory....

She saw her daughter....crying.....and the tears never stopped...

Written for the indispire prompt #tears


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