Thank You Maa

"Wake up you sleepy head." yelled a voice softly (if you know what threatening whispers of a mother means)

"Mom, let me sleep..Its a holiday for Heaven's Sake."I said in sleepy irritation.

"No, you fool its 12 midnight. It's not a holiday for crying out loud. It's THE INDEPENDENCE DAY." She said empathically.

That startled me out of my sleep. I jumped up and sat straight. My mouth hung open to see a splitting image of my mother but I could say she was not my mother. Dusky, with eyes that told you a thousand words, disheveled long black hair. Wearing a white saree. Had it not been the disheveled hair and the saree I would have never thought that it was not my mother.

"Who are you?"
"Can't you see? I am your mother."

"No, you just look like her you are definitely not my mother." I said with conviction.

She tapped my head, "I am your Mother Land."

"If you are Mother India why do I look like my mother?" I was still confused.

"Why? Had it been better if I looked like Mr. India!!?? I look like your mother to you. To another child I will be having the face of her mother. I am just the extension of the soul of every mother in this land which you choose to conveniently ignore. This nation is the part of your soul which you so conveniently ignore. The country is the extension of your home which you choose to conveniently ignore."

I sat quietly staring at her calm face and torrid hair. Something in me woke up that moment.....WE CONVENIENTLY IGNORE a part of our mother, our soul, our country.

"Whose blood do you want to wash your hair with and then tie up." I asked all of a sudden.
"You are intelligent. How did you guess I need blood?"
"I saw your hair open, disheveled and uncombed and that reminded me of Draupadi, who pledged not to tie her hair until she bathes her hair with Dushasan's blood."

"You are right my dear child but partially. I have been insulted many times but I do not seek revenge s it is my own child who have wronged me time and again for years. I will wash my hair not with blood but by the honesty, the dedication, the selfless love towards the mother land by each and every Indian."

"You know mother that is not possible. Corruption, greed and all these evils will never go. You do not wait for utopia to happen. Stop waiting and tie your hair thinking of the few children who are honest."

"YOUR MOTHER NEVER GIVES ON YOU. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU CHILD." said Mother as she slowly vanished in the thin air.

I woke up and saw The Mahabharata lying by my bedside. It was 1o'clock in the early morning. I had slept reading the Cheer Haran part. I closed the book and then I knew what mother meant.

Turn "Bharat: into "Maha(n) Bharat." (Great India).

Thank You Maa....

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